Your Retainer

Which type of retainer is right for you?

  • Selecting the right retainer

    Your teeth have been straightened, your smile is worth showing off, and your bite is where it needs to be. Now it’s time to pick a retainer to keep all of that work in place.

    The word “retainer” might conjure different images. People who were patients years ago might picture bulky, metallic messes that impair speech and cause discomfort. Today’s patients, however, know that dental science has come a long way. Not only are there far more options for retainers, but each option has been optimized for comfort and to be less visible.

    A person next to you might be wearing a retainer without anyone noticing. It’s a great time for those who must use a retainer, because patients no longer are forced to make extreme sacrifices for the sake of a straighter smile.

    Where to begin when selecting a retainer? We can give you guidance regarding the effectiveness of each option, but there are also personal considerations. How much time are you willing to devote to using and caring for your retainer? Do you want a removable option or something permanent? You could be using a retainer for years or indefinitely, so it’s important to pick a type that works for you.

  • Types of Retainers

    Clear Retainers

    These types of nearly invisible retainers have become increasingly popular in recent years, since the technology has dramatically improved. They are made from clear plastic, with a custom fit for the patient’s mouth. Because they are clear, they are hard to notice without looking for them.

    Permanent Retainers

    Permanent retainers go by several names, such as bonded wire retainers, fixed retainers, or lingual retainer wire. These types of retainers are considered permanent, because although an orthodontist can remove them, patients cannot. Permanent retainers are bonded to the back of the patient’s teeth. They can be placed on the lower six front teeth and/or the upper four front teeth, depending on what is needed. You will also receive a set of clear retainers.


    Acquiring a healthy beautiful smile is an investment you’ve made for your future. Dr. Khan believes the retention phase of orthodontic treatment is as important as the active phase. Because of this, we proudly offer Retainers for Life. Many of our patients find solace in a program that protects their investment. Details of our program will be given at your initial consultation.

  • Retainer Instructions

    • Your retainer should be worn 12 HOURS a day or as instructed by Dr. Khan.
    • Clean your retainers in the morning with their own toothbrush and antibacterial soap (dish or hand soap). Cleaning your retainers in the morning will help prevent odor and plaque buildup throughout the day.
    • When your retainer is NOT in your mouth, it should be in your case. Pets like to chew on them.
    • Retainers are breakable and expensive, but with proper treatment and care they will last for years. If yours gets lost or damaged, call us immediately.
    • If you have any questions or concerns about your retainer or it is not fitting comfortably, please contact our office.
    • Keep your retainers away from HOT surfaces or water, because exposure may change their form and cause them not to fit properly.
    • Please remember always to bring your retainer to your appointments.

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Clinical Team Member / Marketing Coordinator

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Clinical Team Member / Invisalign® Coordinator

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Scheduling Coordinator

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